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Gotta Love Ai!

We love everything that enables organisations to do processes quicker, achieve higher levels of security and compliance and retain staff.

Artificial intelligence- enables organisations and the teams within, like 'HR', to customise procedures to the needs of workers. Ai helps to keep track and monitor stuff electronically, without manual time and effort.

The Human Resources field has been slow to adopt and explore Ai. Geez, we remember when the first HR Software arrived, it was something for just the HR team/Person - in fact only the global enterprises had it.

Not much has changed you might say and you might ask Why?

Probably for lots of reasons and some we will never fathom. HR/IT might say its down to the data used: security, accuracy, sensitiveness, compliance; maybe the risk of turning AI into just another gimmick, a nice to have, a nuisance, perhaps it wasn't seen by the business as adding value, helping people in their role, or was it that HR just lost their voice , could not articulate the commercial return on investment, perhaps even choosing not to fix something they did not think was broken or the worry of how long it would take to implement and fear of the unknown cost. Your guess is as good as ours, but here we are and technology is advancing fast in the world of people recruitment, management, development and rewards.

So what do we mean by AI?

The term artificial intelligence has multiple meanings, just as AI itself can be multiple things. It can refer to algorithms, conversational AI and decisional AI to machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, chatbots, voicebots and semantic analysis – is a wide selection of techniques, and the number of practical examples is also rising fast.

There’s also a distinction to be made between weak AI (non-sensitive intelligence) and strong AI (a machine endowed with consciousness, sensitivity and intellect), also called "general artificial intelligence" (a machine that can apply intelligence to any problem rather than to a specific problem).

AI in our lives, our work, our learning, our communication

For a while now, AI has helped us to save time, cost and improve our lives. In HR terms, it can help us create a better employee experience.

AI is already in your life, from appropriate and timely advertisements, the settings of your seat, heating and mirrors in your car if you are lucky enough to have a new one, the supermarket vouches you are sent, to Alexa in your kitchen!

Administrative and legal support: helping save time

AI integrated into technology solutions can relieve HR of its repetitive, time-consuming tasks. leaving time to focus on value adding, more complex projects.

With administrative and legal help desks already turning to using AI through the use of virtual assistants and chatbots that respond automatically to questions asked by employees – "What notice do I have to give to book holiday?" or "How many days off am I entitled to?" we are likely to see more advancements in this area.

AI is currently being used to connect questions with the right knowledge set, improving speed and savings, however, we should not stop there with our thinking.

The power of AI can be used in a whole host of other ways and at iDrive HR we are currently exploring new ways of using this technology and technique to push the boundaries even further.

Word of Caution

Whilst AI can be USEFUL and VALUABLE to integrate, we don't think it could never fully replace the energy, buzz, the feeling, the inspiration we get from actual person to person connection and communication. That spontaneous moment round the water cooler, kitchen, lobby, video conference, that pat on the back, colleague hug, smile, affirmation.

Feeling and being connected is a real Human Need for most of us, if not all of us and it will be hard for AI to replace this, if ever.

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