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We're a social bunch, but we came together for a bigger purpose - to build HR software differently.

Our team came together from HR, Payroll & Recruitment backgrounds, to build a new generation of Employee Experience Platforms.

Our Purpose

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To help you communicate and comply with least cost.

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Our Values




Our Vision

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To create a better working world for SMEs.


Over the last 20 years, our core team have worked with small startups, like Utonomy to group organisations, like Purico.

- worked with over 280 customers

- looking after 25,000+ employees with 0 employment tribunal claims across customer base

We continue to work with HR & People teams across the UK & Europe, with our purpose-built system for HR and businesses to build their HR with low setup, easy maintenance while being cost efficient.

We care about the planet

Our platform has been designed to help SMEs complete HR in a sustainable and modern way,  as an SME you can use paperless systems to maintain your HR records and information, and using iDrive HR means you're contributing towards a better and greener future.


At iDrive HR, we deeply care about the planet, and that's why we use green servers with the highest security levels to ensure customer sustainability and to help the world community reach it's goals.

See the latest updates on our blog.

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