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How to start 2024 right as a team.

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Starting 2024 correctly as a team is critical, it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

A 2019 study* showed the top 30 reasons Britons said were why they struggled to get back in the saddle after Christmas, reasons included; weather, feelings after Christmas time, dark days, weight gain, lethargy, etc. 

Many of the reasons will remain the same today as we enter into 2024, however, due to the move to hybrid or remote-working model and recent events, what might be new to the list are:

  1. feeling of loneliness

  2. financial worries

  3. being alone

  4. frustration with world problems

  5. recent losses suffered 

Hybrid and home working now being very common, it's really important for organisations to do what they can to monitor teams, not to punish or berate, but to care, show understanding, and support. 

Ideas for your organisation to try and counter these feelings and build back up motivation and momentum are: 

  1. Kick the new year off with a full meeting with everyone to quickly absorb the new challenges ahead and share aspirations for the weeks and months to come.

  2. Introduce some extra breaks to encourage downtime but with a difference, perhaps learn a new skill, read, gain new knowledge, and share experiences.

  3. Give and share recognition.

  4. Can people earn extra money? how and when? Could bonuses be worked towards?

  5. Reach out to people working from home, perhaps patch in some extra short catch-up meetings.

  6. Share funny stories, clips, videos, and images.

  7. Make time to reflect over Christmas and what everyone did - what do people aspire to do in 2024?

  8. Encourage people to share experiences and share ideas with one another.

  9. Break up larger goals into smaller ones, perhaps into micro ones to get over the weeks ahead during early January.

The study showed that the first full working week of January is the hardest to get through. So perhaps make some goals fun to achieve with low or no-cost for good reward. 
 Most importantly, stay connected with everyone, and help everyone to stay connected with each other. 

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis, Author.

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