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When you decide you need to drive digital HR transformation in your organisation then a great approach is to use an HR digital roadmap.

The future is digital and reinventing HR requires challenging the norm.

ASK BIG QUESTIONS! What is the best way to lead digital transformation and drive success?

  • Before initiating digital transformation, you need to assess where you are today Undertaking a gap analysis can be a great starting place

  • Scope the future of your HR After assessing where your HR is at today, you should have a clear picture of the gaps in your HR strategy and operations. The next step is to identify the “why” to make sure the actual business need is met, and design the future of your HR. Think digital, automated and data driven, and map out your ideal solution. This means challenging every gap, manual step and data replication. And don’t forget to think about the user and employee experience.

  • Design your digital HR roadmap and write the business case The previous steps give you a clear picture of where you’re today and where you want to go. These insights enable you to select the quick wins and major projects, and design your digital HR roadmap based on the goals you want to achieve. The final step in phase is to write the plan/case, do the cost/benefit and get all stakeholders onboard.

  • Drive digital transformation After your business case gets sign off from the decision makers, it’s time to kick off the project. But before anything else, preparation is key to success. Organise a kick off meeting with all relevant stakeholders and inform everyone on the project details. A major HR project often involves other departments so make sure to include these stakeholders as well and take the time to review how they might be impacted (in any way) by your project.

  • Take massive action to drive success Digital transformation projects are not the easiest projects to manage but when done right, it can create massive business value. Assemble a project team with the right combination of skills, and up-skill where needed. HR data is used in many different non-HR processes. Every change in the HR/IT landscape will have a downstream ripple effect, so make sure to set up a cross functional project team to manage this. Prepare for the change and install a digital, data-driven culture to get the most out of your investments.

  • Make a lasting impression Digital transformation goes beyond technology; it’s a culture change. It’s a continuous rethinking of how HR uses data and technology to drive organisation success. The key to a successful transformation is creating a digital culture that becomes part of the DNA of your organisation. This means that you need to close the skill gap and invest in a digital culture where you stimulate innovation by exploration and experimentation.

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