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Slopey Shoulders

A take on Tina Turner's Hit song, Steamy Windows

Slopey shoulders

Zero accountability

Slopey shoulders

Coming from authority

Slopey shoulders

It ain't nobody can see

Slopey shoulders

Coming from authority

We've all experienced this at some point in our career/life. You know that someone who manages to escape anything to do with what might or might be happening, where it might not be going too right, or even there is a small micro chance of something not being right.

That person, whether, leader manager or other who seems to look at others, in fact look anywhere other than themself. That person who delegates everything is responsible and accountable for nothing but still earns that big wage!

Sometimes you might find , you too have acquired slopey shoulders without realising it!

Do not lose hope or faith in humanity or yourself.

We and you can fix this.


- encouraging people, including yourself to take joint decisions

- participating in conversations and feeling part of something

- mistakes, errors, omissions happen all the time and thats ok! It's part of learning and learning together can be a great way to bounce back quickly

- document conversations, communications and requests

- identify risks together

- don't let anyone be shy about voicing opinion or view and listen

- voice and share your own thoughts in a constructive way

- don't assume the position of taking the decision yourself, unless its about you.

So, next time, remember: your shoulders are not made to be slopey, and that for good continuous communication: you need to agree, and… add on to the conversation. It's ok to do this!
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