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Job Descriptions are like marmite

"You either love them or not"

Job descriptions can serve a purpose, but only if :

- they are drafted carefully

- they are specific enough but without being restrictive

- they are helpful and informative

- they are maintained and updated regularly

- they are a live document which is shared and discussed regularly

- they can create a shared understanding of expectations.

If the job description is something you have to blow the dust or cobwebs off, do yourself a favour and throw it in the bin.

Job Descriptions should be up to date always!

Jobs are always evolving and if your organisation's jobs are not evolving how are you surviving and growing as an organisation?

You could have bigger problems beyond your job descriptions.

So whilst a job description is a great tool to have, it should not limit you.

Job Descriptions should be discussed, shared, agreed, updated, and most of all, accessible to all. Quite often organisations, don't share job descriptions with others beyond the job then wonder why people don't talk to each other, get what each other do.

"Do you job; be the best at whatever your job description is" Randy Moss

Job Descriptions written well, form the basis of:

- building relationships

- building understanding of opportunity

- help people to feel they belong

- help to build engagement in the work and responsibilities

- help people take accountability

- knowing whats important and meaningful

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