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Difficult conversations

Building and developing organisations will require having difficult conversations from time to time.

Difficult conversations may be required at different levels. From Shareholders and investors to managers and staff.

Nobody wants to be part of a difficult conversation. Nobody volunteers to be.

The most difficult conversations can arise because of :

  • lack of planning

  • mismanaging expectations

  • lack of understanding

  • unexpected or unprecedented circumstances

  • need to improve results and set goals

  • need to response to required business changes or critical situations

It's easier to put off or not to have a difficult conversation than it is to have one.

Yet, having the difficult conversation can often, if done with the right structure, support and preparation go well. Quite often they do in fact.

So what are the component parts of getting it right?

  1. Show respect

  2. Make sure you do things right (Lawful, Ethical, Contractual, Provide after care)

  3. Plan well (Who, Time, What, When, Where, How)

  4. Prepare what you will say and how

  5. Stick to the plan

  6. Be kind yet candid

  7. Always, stick on point

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