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Made for Small to Medium Size organisations

The Employee Management and Development software WITH
employer HR expertise and advice

As easy as 1,2,3! to get started! 

Made for the small to medium size business, our innovative people and HR software securely manages your day-to-day HR processes and tasks, and our advisory team helps you navigate your employment relationships for everyones benefit.  Saving you time and avoiding costly employment errors.

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People matter... We are...

making HR advice accessible & affordable

making it as easy as 1,2,3, to get started

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1. Chat with us about joining

We will explain how the system works and what you need to do to get set up and start using it.

You can tell us all about your needs, what the system can help you achieve and we can set up a training programme for you and your staff team. 

Our aim is to help you begin to use the system and know how we can help you with this process, we'll also dedicate an advisor to help you moving forward.

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2. Download our csv template and upload to our secure customer portal

All data is secured on our UK based servers, carefully selected for their security and planet friendly focus on renewable energy. 

Once your CSV basic data is uploaded you are up and running and ready to go! 

You can either start with one user and invite users separately to join, or upload everyone at the same time if you already have some data. 

If you need help we can add a Step into your process.

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3. Log in and start using!

In as little as 3 steps you can be up and running and using iDriveHR. We've had customers start using within 60 minutes! 

If you would like our assistance and tailored guidance including training, we add some more steps to the process, which means there would be 6 steps in total.

You can also choose to undertake training at a later time and have as much training as you need.

No additional costs.

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