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Made for Small to Medium Size organisations

Easy People Management  & Development
Streamline HR workflows with customised and cost-effective HR software

iDrive HR is an employee management and development platform like no other.
As easy as 1,2,3! + No extra charges!

1. You are assigned your own qualified HR Expert 
2. You can stay compliant with legislation and exercise your duty of care

3. You can help your team develop and promote a positive culture

Made for the small to medium size business, our innovative people and HR software securely manages your day-to-day HR processes and tasks, so your team has more time to focus on the core business.  Our technology solutions help you save time, increase productivity, and avoid potentially costly errors.

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People matter... We are...

making HR advice accessible & affordable

making it as easy as 1,2,3, to get started

Calculate Holiday Automatically

Our system is built to enable you to connect holiday provision to working times and arrangements.  This helps you calculate holiday for part time workers, leavers and new starters easily.

Setting up holiday schemes is simple and you only need to do this once and NOT for each different working pattern.


Data is reportable and easily accessible/auditable.

All information is real-time, including our engagement tool ensuring a two-way flow of communication between employee and employer.

Evidence your compliance of your legal duties. Easily produce reports, structures and documents for quality management.

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People Engagement Tools

Use our Wheel to find out how people feel about working in your organisation.  Employees can use the wheel to measure their own engagement and use the resources we provide to improve this.

Resources include:

Training videos
Manager Guides
Manager Checklists
Employee Checklists
Templates for correspondence/communication
MyWheel insights reports
Flow Charts

Library Resources

Access to CIPD Chartered Professionals

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