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Step 4 - Don't Stray, Stay Strategic

Key points:

- stay strategic not operational

- don't over analyse but do prioritise

- develop insights and focus

"To take the right action, you need to address and discuss the right issues"

Different models and methods include:

DELPHI MODEL (not the alternative dance band from Manchester!)

where you ask key senior people and experts what they think are the key issues to address (most pressing ones) in the next 3-5 years but you do this so nobody knows who said what. So you might considering doing this through questionnaires, or gathering items during a meeting but without disclosing who said what.

Seek consensus on the issues - This consensus represents the best guess of the Delphi Team



During Discussion, try to develop insights, not solutions.

Explore facts and discover possible implications

Example: People Management Item

Fact: We are not attracting the right candidates

Possible Implication: Find a way to attract good fit candidates. Can we use different talent pools?

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