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Get the basics right! Leadership

Winnie the Pooh—a sweet bear who has captured the hearts of millions, and perhaps billions, of many a person all over the world.

The legendary personage, created by Alan Alexander Milne, has inspired many an artist, philosopher, and leader. I was first introduced to Winnie the Pooh being used in Leadership by a former manager over twenty five years ago and the principles of which are still relevant today.

A character often seen on the bedroom window bottom or beds of many a child, gosh even my own children's. Parents often using walks in woods and forests to search for Pooh and friends; watching the excited smiles on children's faces filled with curiosity and wonder, whilst acting out their imagination, like Christopher Robin in the story.

So let's take a look at some of these basic leadership principles and what the Winnie the Pooh scripts teach us:

Creativeness. There are no doubts that a leader should be creative, address challenges, and find solutions for every situation. Winnie the Pooh is such leader and the best example can be the attempt to imitate a cloud to reach some honey.

Honesty. Pooh is an honest bear, which might be the secret to the popularity with children and adults alike. A leader must be honest not only to their self, but with others as well. A leader must be able admit their mistakes.

Team work. As a good leader, Pooh can work alone and can be a team member. Able to involve and inspire others. Winnie the Pooh is a person (well, a bear) who will get you where you want to be.

Humility. A leader should understand others and project themself as an equal. Winnie the Pooh is the leader and he is able to step through principles to apologise. Moreover Pooh is able to inspire others to behave such a way.

Problem Solver. Winnie the Pooh is often found with his friends either trying to solve problems that he creates or solving problems for his friends that they find themselves in and having to tackle. Amusing us all when things do not go to plan at first but almost always turning out just fine.

Credit: an illustration found on 'Google' taken from the Tales of Winnie the Pooh Book by AA Milne.

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