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Strategy Step 10: Diet's are so darn hard - Why?

Why is it so hard to keep up momentum on a diet?

The tenth step to becoming a more strategic thinker relates to maintaining momentum.

Step 10: Maintaining Momentum is about... Measuring the success of your strategy

Feeling confident turning ideas into action using the three M’s

Identifying steps in creating an action plan

Knowing how to involve others in delivering a strategy

The three M's

1.Metrics: you need data that tells you that you are making progress in the right direction. For a successful diet strategy you need to know that you are losing weight and/or that your waistline is shrinking.

2.Motivation: you need some incentives and commitment to keep going, especially when things seems to be going wrong. For a successful diet strategy you need a reward like new clothing, when you succeed.

3.Movement: you need a specific action plan with time and tasks all organised in sequence. For a successful diet strategy you need to take specific action – actually give up break or crisps or really go to the gym every week.


1.Lead Indicator: is what you measure to determine whether you are heading in the right direction to achieve the objective or outcome

2.Lag Indicator: measures whether you have achieved the objective. The implication is that it will take some time – the cycle time lag – until the objective is achieved

Objective: lose 8 kilos to look great on the beach in 3 months time


Everything looks like a failure in the middle

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

  1. Set clear metrics and achievable targets

  2. Tell yourself good and bad and get support from friends

  3. Agree to give yourself a reward of some sort


Take practical action to turn your strategy into a real plan!

Make it happen

Weight example

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