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Are you a fish?

Henry ford (Founder of Ford) was famous for saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” Henry Ford

Are you swimming around the same bowl each day? Repeating this day in and day out? Do you recognise its time to stop swimming in the bowl, jump out and do something different?

Whatever it is you want to change, it can be difficult to do and sustain unless you form new habits and change your mindset.

Neural pathways of the brain create patterns of thought.

When these pathways are created, the thoughts are likely to be repeated. This is because, the repetition of a thought is easier than resisting it and the connections between two brain cells on the neural pathway become stronger.

Every time a thought is had, the resistance is reduced therefore increasing the likelihood of having that thought again.

This is how habits are formed. It is also why it is vitally important that thinking is monitored.

Negative thinking builds strong connections of negative thought, so it is more likely that negative thoughts are repeated.

Ensuring thoughts are positive will stimulate sustained positive thoughts and good habits.

This also explains why learning something new or breaking a habit can be difficult at first.

The key is to stick at it and it will become easier. It's often not enough to simply stop doing a certain habit.

Replacing it with a new habit and focusing on this will generate a sustained behavioral change.

What are thinking preferences?

Thinking preferences have an impact on virtually everything we do, including communication, decision making, problem solving and managing styles.

Understanding thinking style preferences provides perspectives:

It means we can understand ourselves better to make better decisions and make change possible.

Or just be the fish still in the bowl. The choice is yours.

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