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2024 Workplace Trend Expected

2024 will be no different to any other past year. It will continue to evolve.

We will see the continuing building upon the flexibility and autonomy trends that emerged in recent years. We saw a rapid shift towards remote working. Since COVID 19 many companies adopting hybrid models. Whilst this shift produced great results, such as enhanced productivity and job satisfaction, some emloyers saw the effect and changes this had on team working and spontaneous workplace discussion and support and are now putting in place new controls to ensure workers spend more time in the fixed locations.

Inflation remains a concern. The economic climate contributing to heightened stress and burnout among workers, alongside reduced job satisfaction and productivity. The uncertainty fostered by these ongoing challenges has shaken investment and confidence in future stability, affecting organisations.

Trends shaping the workplace in 2024, are a result of responses to these complex, interconnected challenges. We've picked out 7 hot workplace trend predictions for 2024.

01 Flexible working

Flexible work options are certain to continue trending in 2024. Its likely to impact in 3 ways: 1. flexible working requests (UK legislation will support changes) and frequency of work 2. locations you can work 3. fixed workplace offerings

02  Career pathways and portfolio careers

We used to try and find an employer and career for life. This is no longer the case. The rise of the gig economy and the freelance workforce has shaken this belief. People are taking a different view. In fact, employers are less likely to want you for life, than you are to want to stay for life!

03 AI and our increasing reliance

Artificial intelligence and automation are likely to be adopted by even more companies to improve efficiency and productivity. These technologies can be used to automate repetitive tasks, process large amounts of data, and make more accurate predictions. This will have the added benefit of freeing up employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks.

04 Growing importance of outside AI skills

Outside AI skills will be much needed. Skills such as creativity, adaptability and communication that AI cannot provide will become essential to the cv.

Communication will include social skills and the ability to meet new people and build meaningful connections.

05 Mental health

Companies are likely to continue to enhance their provisions relating to creating a culture that prioritises employee mental health, capacity and support.

Supporting healthier relationships between employees and their mental health might include the introduction or extended free access to mental health professionals for therapy and mindfulness sessions either in-house or through an employee assistance programs.

06 Diversity, Equity and inclusion

We are likely to see a refreshed push towards creating inclusive workplaces. A push that challenges the norms, unconscious bias and one that establishes new ways to embrace equality, inclusion and diversity and absorb this into the way of doing and thinking.

07 Economic Opportunity

Economic uncertainty across the world is affecting most countries and many organisations of all sizes. Redundancies have became increasingly common, particularly within the manufacturing and tech sector and as such, we are likely to see the further emergence of portfolio careers and people holding down mutiple jobs and projects. This will in turn mean organisations need to reframe how they review cv's, how they retain employees and what benefits they provide. (see 02 above)

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